Bring Me Sunshine videos were produced during lockdown by volunteers, facilitators and local organisations for initially residents of six local care homes with introductions from local councillors as well as some familiar actors. 21, 30-minute videos were delivered on memory sticks to be used in communal areas or in people’s rooms whilst isolating. All videos were presented in a Dementia friendly way and where possible gave opportunities for people to join in.

Later these were put on the Bring Me Sunshine Catford you tube channel so elders who have devices that get you tube could also access. The videos include, physical exercise, sing a long, concerts, meditation, recitals, Drama monologues and poetry as well as a talk on art by the Director of the National gallery.

Bring me Sunshine Singalong

Bring me Sunshine seated Yoga

Bring me sunshine drama Monologues

Bring me Sunshine Talk on Art

Bring me Sunshine Line dancing

Bring Me Sunshine 1940’s Concert by Blitz&Pieces

Bring me Sunhine Poetry

Bring me Sunshine Convent Garden walk

Bring Me Sunshine Violin Concert from London String Collective

Bring me Sunshine Drumming 1

Bring me Sunshine drumming 2

Bring me sunshine Yoga 2

Bring me Sunshine The beauty of the earth

Bring me Sunshine Tradional Entertainment

Bring me Sunshine soprano concert

Bring me Sunshine Meditation

Bring me Sunshine Tai Chi

Bring me Sunshine Old Time Music Hall